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Samsung Ads Using Moat to Measure Viewability

Samsung Ads has made a deal to use Moat’s viewability and invalid traffic measurement systems to give advertisers a better picture of how their commercials are being delivered over-the-top to connected TVs.

The Moat information is delivered through integrating the Oracle Data Cloud into the Samsung Ad audience platform. Advertisers already using Moat extends the measurement they get to Samsung Ads’s OTT inventory.

“Connected TV is one of the fastest growing segments within the in-home entertainment market,” said Tom Fochetta, VP, Samsung Ads. “As a trusted partner of brands and agencies, Samsung Ads is using Moat to provide advertisers with tools to certify the quality and validity of impressions delivered through Samsung's unique ad experiences. This integration will provide the analytics necessary to increase transparency into this growing channel.”

Oracle acquired Moat in 2017 for a reported $850 million. Moat helps advertisers measure ad impressions and content views so they can avoid invalid traffic, improve viewable and protect their media spending against fraud.

Samsung Ads enables advertisers and brand to reach target audiences via the information gleaned from millions of Samsung smart TVs.