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Samba TV Grows Addressable Footprint in Deal with 605

Samba TV
(Image credit: Samba TV)

Samba TV, the advertising and analytics company, said it reached an agreement with measurement company 605 that provides Samba TV with exclusive addressable access to some of 605’s viewer data.


(Image credit: 605)

The deal grows Samba TV’s addressable TV footprint to 28 million devices. The scale will enable Samba TV to help clients target campaigns more precisely on connected TV and increase effectiveness by reducing time-shifting and ad-skipping.

“With significant disruption in the advertising landscape, we are excited to provide marketers a platform that delivers massive scale in reach, precision in targeting, and transparency into performance so that they can confidently invest in campaigns as new streaming options emerge, viewing behaviors rapidly shift, and advertising identities disappear,” said Samba TV co-founder and CEO Ashwin Navin. “Samba TV’s first-party data, augmented by this exclusive partnership with 605, provides our customers access to a comprehensive end-to-end view into the effectiveness of advertising across all of the screens we use to watch video.”

Samba TV’s automatic content recognition technology is integrated into 24 of the top smart TV set brands. Samba TV integrates its first-party data with data harvested from set-top boxes to improve its household-level targeting.

605 provides advertising and content measurement, full-funnel attribution, media planning, and optimization in an anonymized and privacy-compliant manner..

“We are pleased to partner with Samba TV around privacy-compliant omniscreen targeting,” said 605 CEO and founder Kristin Dolan. “605 has built advanced technologies around our viewership data that allows brands to more simply and effectively reach the right audiences. This partnership with Samba is a positive move to further that objective.”