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Rumble Introduces Library of Brand-Safe Digital Videos

Online video repository Rumble introduced Rumble Reel, a collection of more than 40,000 brand-safe digital videos available for editorial and commercial uses.

Producers, brands and others who handle content can license on an a la carte basis short form video from a library of footage that runs the gamut from entertaining to heartwarming and is licensed by their individual creators.

“Together with our creators, we have assembled a treasure trove of authentic content that until now, has never been widely available for commercial use,” said Claudio Ramolo, chief content officer of Toronto-based Rumble. “We continue to hear from morning news programs, clip shows, publishers and digital agencies around the world in search of very specific footage - Rumble Reel was introduced to serve them more efficiently, with a rights management platform that’s multi-channel ready and time zone agnostic. Our business is centered on intelligently managing digital video rights across the world and Rumble Reel brings that to scale.”

Videos on Rumble Reel have been pre-screened for copyright, rated for performance potential and approved as ‘brand safe,’ by leveraging artificial intelligence that analyzes over 2,000 variables for each video at the point of upload.

Licensed videos on Rumble Reel are available immediately, starting at $150 to members. Pricing is tiered by domain viewing platform, social media usage, and license duration.

Once a Rumble Reel account is established and verified, customers can browse for videos available for license, add them to their digital shopping cart and then download the video files directly.