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Ron Jaworski Leaves 'Monday Night Football'

Ron Jaworski, who has spent the past five seasons as an
analyst on ESPN's Monday Night Football,
is leaving the show as it switches over to a two-man commentator team for the first time with Mike
Tirico and Jon Gruden.

The former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback, in signing a
five-year extension with ESPN, will instead become an NFL analyst on multiple
shows. Jaworski will appear weekly on both Sunday
NFL Countdown
and NFL Matchup,
and make regular appearances on SportsCenter
(primarily on Sundays and Mondays), NFL
, NFL Kickoff, Mike & Mike in the Morning, and during
Pardon the Interruption's "Five Good Minutes"

In addition, Jaworski will join ESPN's annual NFL Draft and
Super Bowl week coverage. He will also be featured in his own NFL-themed SportsCenter Special shows.