Rocker Andrew W.K. To Host Cartoon Network Demolition Show

Posted at 2:04 p.m. ET

Musician and motivational performer Andrew W.K. will host a new competitive show Destroy Build Destroy on Cartoon Network, which will premiere this summer.

The show pits two teams against each other as they use wrecking balls and explosions to destroy something, rebuild it into something new, and destroy it again. Destroy Build Destroy is part of Cartoon Network’s new push into live-action series programming.

“I’ve never seen a television show like this one, and I get to be the center of it all as host, coach, cheerleader, and ring-leader,” said W.K. in a statement. “Destroy Build Destroy incorporates imagination, competition, and teamwork for a truly ground-breaking TV show. This is as good as it gets for a performer like me.”

W.K. released his first album in 2001. Since then he has released two more records, written a book, started a record label, and opened a music and dance venue in New York City.