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Road to Decision 2012: Here Comes the President

Stations Await Call From the President
White House begins to buy spots, and is also delivering message with station interviews
By Michael Malone

While the GOP candidates and the ubiquitous super Pacs are spending the big money in the early primaries, President Obama is slowly and strategically starting to deliver his local tV message as well. the Obama administration bought a series of spots that ran in some key markets, including cincinnati; des Moines, iowa; and columbus, Ohio, Jan. 20 to Jan 26, and reinforced some of the points driven home in the president's state of the Union address Jan. 24. More

Viewers Electing Not to Watch Yet
Debates have helped primary season, but broadcast news execs say interest has been slow to build
By Andrea Morabito

The 2012 presidential primary season has already been going on in earnest for nine months now, but so far it has been a slow build to get viewers beyond the political junkies interested in the action. More

Super PAC Men Eating Up Media Buys
Outlets benefit from huge supporter-group spending  
By John Eggerton

Super PAC spending has become as much a news staple during this election season as debates and primaries. And as the 2012 cycle continues to play out, it's no surprise that the biggest PAC spenders are those backing the top two remaining GOP candidates. The Mitt Romney supporter,"Restore Our Future," is currently the expenditure winner at $17.485 million, followed by the Newt Gingrich supporter, "Winning Our Future," clocking in at $8.829 million. More