Rigas Returns to Coudersport

Former Adelphia Communications chairman John Rigas was released from prison Monday, returning to his adopted hometown of Coudersport, Pa., to a throng of supporters who shouted words of encouragement to the 91-year-old former cable executive.

Rigas and his son Timothy (Adelphia’s former chief financial officer) were tried and convicted on several counts of fraud and conspiracy in 2004. John Rigas was serving a 12-year term and wasn’t scheduled to get out until January 2018 but received a “compassionate release.” He had his sentence commuted to time served by U.S. District Court Judge Kimba Wood on Feb. 19 after it was determined he has six months or less to live. Rigas, who has maintained his innocence throughout the past decade, was recently diagnosed with stage IV bladder cancer that has spread to his lungs.

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