Republicrats Hitting MSN

Republicrats, a new Web series from Sean Masterson and production studio Generate, is set to premiere on MSN.

The series, a political satire, follows Masterson as he plays a weatherman who runs for president on the fictional Republicrat ticket. As part of his campaign, he lets the American people decide who his vice-presidential running mate should be, and even who his first lady should be.

Viewers will be able to participate in the series, as well, submitting videos to a dedicated site where they can talk about issues important to them or say why they should become a member of Masterson’s cabinet.


Republicrats is indicative of the smart, participatory digital storytelling Generate is shepherding across the Web,” said Jordan Levin, CEO of Generate. “Comedy and politics account for the majority of the video content audiences watch online, especially in an election year. MSN has a massive daily readership and is a leader in online political content, so we could not be working with a better partner to distribute this show we’re so proud of.”

MSN will feature two three-minute Webisodes per week for the next 11 weeks, leading up to Election Day.