21st Century Fox Says Ailes Still At Work

21st Century Fox declined to confirm reports Tuesday that Roger Ailes, chairman and CEO of Fox News, has been dismissed.

The company, which is run by the Murdoch family, said in a statement: "Roger is at work. The review is ongoing. And the only agreement that is in place is his existing employment agreement." 

Ailes, architect of the influential Fox News brand, has faced sexual harassment allegations from former FNC host Gretchen Carlson.

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The Fox vet has vehemently denied Carlson's charges, calling them outrageous and defamatory.

Earlier on Tuesday, New York Magazine reported that Megyn Kelly, Fox News’ biggest star, told the law firm investigating Ailes for 21st Century Fox that Ailes had harassed her 10 years ago.

The magazine also reported that Rupert Murdoch and sons Lachlan and James had made up their minds that Ailes must go, despite Fox News Channel being a key revenue driver at the corporation.

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Talk of the polarizing media titan's fate has lit up social media.

The maelstrom comes at a less than ideal time for Fox News, with the Republican National Convention in full swing in Cleveland.