Report: Couric Leaving ‘CBS Evening News'

Katie Couric will be stepping down as anchor of the CBS Evening News, according to an AP

Her contract expires June 4, though negotiations could have
her stay on shortly after that time to assist in a transition.

Couric is expected to start her own production company with
former NBCU chief Jeff Zucker, which would include helming her own syndicated
daytime talk show. Several companies are bidding on the talker, planned for a
fall 2012 launch, with CBS Television Distribution leading the pack.

Any daytime deal that Couric signs will include a primetime
and/or news presence, so she is expected to remain on the air during the year
between when her CBS News contract ends and the daytime talk show would start.

A CBS News spokesperson reached for comment said "We're
having ongoing discussions with Katie Couric. We have no announcements to make
at this time. Until we do, we will continue to decline comment on rumor and

A spokesperson for Couric also had no further comment.