'Rectify' Returns With Blog Extras

SundanceTV’s drama series Rectify returns tonight with the premiere of its second season – this time with one of the show’s writers posting additional online content for each episode, written from the perspective of a supporting character, Jared Talbot, played on the show by Jake Austin Walker.

The series continues following the story of Daniel Holden (Aden Young), a man whose murder conviction is overturned by retrospective DNA evidence and is released from prison after 19 years on death row. Rectify script supervisor Kate Powers’s posts, published on Sundance.tv under the title “Jared’s Blog,” will consist of blog entries as well as high school homework assignments written in the character’s voice. Each post will also offer deeper insight and analysis as to the emotional impact of a family readjusting to the presence of a relative they previously believed would be imprisoned for life.

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