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‘Real Estate Wars’ Debuts on Bravo Oct. 5

New Bravo docuseries Real Estate Wars, about the “cut-throat world of real estate in Orange County,” according to Bravo, debuts Thursday, Oct. 5. The series follows two real estate outfits, The McMonigle Team and Relegance Group, as they fight for supremacy in this wealthy enclave.  

McMonigle Team founder John McMonigle was a top real estate agent but lost everything when the market crashed, forcing him into bankruptcy.

Relegance is made up of five zealous agents, including the “real estate queen” of Orange County, Jojo Romeo. As an estranged employee of John’s, she decided to join Relegance and help them become the superior team.

Real Estate Wars is produced by World of Wonder. Fenton Bailey, Randy Barbato, Tom Campbell and Elise Duran are executive producers.

Bravo is part of NBCUniversal.