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Q2 Ad Spending on TV Rises 4.4%

Spending on TV advertising rose 4.4% in the fourth quarter,
according to new figures from Kantar Media.

Network TV spending dropped 0.4%, partly because of the
scheduling of some NCAA Final Four games, which were played in March this year
versus April the year before.

Cable TV spending rose 4.2%. Spot TV rose 4.6% thanks to a
wave of political money going to swing states in the presidential election. Markets
in those swing states saw double-digit spending growth while growth was only
2%-3% in markets in other states, Kantar says.

Spanish-language TV spending rose 17.8%, with big gains in
direct response, consumer packaged goods and auto.

Spending on syndication rose 10%.

Though growth was slower in the second quarter than in the
first, overall, television made out better than most other media. Total
advertising expenditures in the quarter rose 0.9% to $34.4 billion.

Ad spending growth sputtered during the second quarter and
was unable to sustain its early year momentum," Jon Swallen, chief research
officer at Kantar Media North America, said in a statement. "The advertising
market is mirroring the tepid, slow growth performance of the general economy.
Third quarter results will get a short-term boost from the Summer Olympics and
political advertising but sustained long-term improvement will probably be
linked to the health of consumer spending on the goods and services that
marketers provide."