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Public More Closely Followed 9/11 Anniversary Than Media

third of people polled said they followed the story of the Sept. 11 anniversary
last week very closely, but the major national media devoted only 2% of the news

is according to the latest News Interest Index and News Coverage Index from the
Pew Research Center.

interest and coverage of a related story--a minister's threatened burning of
Korans on Sept. 11--was more closely aligned, with a third saying they followed
that story closely and the measured media giving it 14% of the news hole.

index broke out the two stories, but if combined, that would be 16% for 9/11
anniversary-related stories.

respondents were most interested in the continuing aftermath of the Gulf oil
leak, with 34% saying they were following it closely, but again there was a
disconnect between that and the coverage, which constituted only 2% of the news

News Interest Index is a telephone poll of 1,001 adults 18-plus years of age.
The News Coverage Index is an analysis of coverage across five major
sectors:  newspapers, network television, cable television, radio and the