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PTC to Target Clearasil After 'Skins' Eruption

Clearasil, the zit cream from Reckitt Benckiser, is expected to be targeted by the Parents Television Council for advertising earlier this week on MTV's controversial show Skins.

On the organizations Facebook page, a message appears saying that it's time to contact Clearasil.

"Go post on their page, call and fax them. Ask them how they can reconcile their actions - paying for Skins to air
with their goals - always striving to make life easier for our consumers," the post says.

The PTC usually sends out alerts that arrive on Friday mornings asking its members to take action against companies that support TV show it feels violate their standards.

The group said it has already contacted Reckitt Benckiser directly.

Representatives of Reckitt Benckiser have not responded to questions about their sponsorship of the show, or whether the company approved a mention of its product in the program's script that compared its effectiveness against acne to this home remedy: "Piss a piece of toilet paper and rub it on your face."

Commercials for Clearasil appeared in the third episode of Skins, which features a young cast and focuses on their characters' sex and drug habits. The show has been labeled as "the most dangerous" program ever for children by the PTC. The PTC has also been asking the government to investigate whether the show has violated child pornography laws.

After its premiere, which was viewed by a whopping 3.3 million viewers, PTC members began contacting advertisers. Soon, Taco Bell, L'Oreal, Subway, H&R Block, Schick and General Motors had asked MTV not to run their spots in the show. Even the acne remedy Proactiv has asked that its direct marketing commercial not appear during Skins.

Other than Clearasil, the only ads running in Skins this week were from movie companies, video game makers and other television networks.

Viewership for the show has dropped off since its premiere but, MTV has been standing by the show. The network had a presentation for ad buyers in New York on Wednesday that was attended by members of the cast of Skins.