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Programmatic Gets Spooky With SpotX and AMC Network

SpotX is offering media buyers an opportunity to use programmatic technology to purchase commercials in AMC Network’s The Walking Dead and Fear Fest when they are viewed over-the-top by streaming viewers.

SpotX has made an exclusive arrangement with AMC that runs through the end of the Halloween seasons.

Programming available on the SpotX platform includes 104 horror movies and episodes of season 10 of the Walking Dead that will air during October.

Horror programming is eerily popular on AMC this time of year.

“Horror content is one of the most engaging genres for audiences because of its compelling nature and ‘lean-in’ behavior it evokes in viewers,” said Mike Evans, senior VP, demand facilitation at SpotX. “We are extremely proud to offer this inventory to advertisers and look forward to supporting AMC with monetization efforts throughout October and beyond.”

SpotX’s global Demand Facilitation Team works to connect media buyers with premium inventory that runs across the SpotX platform. SpotX also advises buyers on how to purchase media efficiently on OTT/CTV, target audiences, and activate data.

This scary programming is brand-safe, SpotX asserts.

“Last year, AMC viewership grew across digital by nearly 80% in video views and nearly 10% in reach, so this is an exciting opportunity for advertisers to reach consumers that they otherwise may not be reaching,” said David Pudjunis, director, yield management at AMC Networks. “We ultimately chose to work with SpotX because of its programmatic infrastructure, data enablement capabilities, and expert service.”

SpotX will be able to deliver to advertisers viewers streaming video via desktops, mobile devices, Roku, Apple TV, Xbox and Amazon Fire.