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Programmatic Buying Hits $14.2B in 2015

Ad buying using programmatic technology will reach $14.2 billion globally this year, up 49%, according to a new forecast by media buyer Magna Global.

Programmatic—which automate parts of the ad buying and selling process to cut costs and increase effectiveness—will hit $36.8 billion in expenditures by 2019, says Magna, which includes both display and video ad inventory in its estimates.

Magna says the U.S. is leading the global adoption of programming with $7.7 billion in transactions expected in 2015.

Globally, programmatic’s share of banner display and video buying will grow to 31% this year (2015), compared to 24% last year, and will increase to 50% by 2019.

“The main drivers behind this growth include the opportunity to reduce transaction costs on both the buying and selling side, the opportunity to monetize a broader spectrum of digital media impressions, and the opportunity to leverage consumer data at scale to improve the efficiency of ad campaigns,” Magna said.