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‘Portlandia’ Preview on New IFC Streaming App

A full episode from the upcoming season of Portlandia is available for streaming to viewers who download and install IFC’s new mobile app.

The new app will give users access to IFC’s original programing, a selection of movies and some short-form original comedy series.

“The app is just a much better viewing experience,” said Blake Callaway, IFC’s head of marketing. “We’re driving a quality viewing experience by tying it to the launch of our highest rated, most beloved show.”

IFC has used off-channel, over-the top, sneak peeks at new episodes as a way to drive awareness and anticipation for new seasons of Portlandia. Callaway says Portlandia’s highest-rated episode ever was one that it previewed.

The new season will premiere Jan 21.  The season 6 episode “Going Gray,” will also be available on cable operator’s VOD systems, on IFC’s YouTube channels, at and for free on Google Play and the iTunes store.

“We think we can drive a lot of attention and awareness for the show and get people into the new season, and also drive some installs for the app,” Callaway said.

Once the app is launched, it will start to show up in more of IFC’s on air promotions and in social media posts. The app is available in iOS and Android. Users need to authenticate to view content that’s on the cable network. Other content is available to everyone.

IFC also has a Portlandia emoji keyboard available at the app store. It allows users to put a bird, or a bike, or Fred and Carrie, in their texts.