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'Portals to Hell' Returns March 13

Travel Channel series Portals to Hell with Jack Osbourne and Katrina Weidman returns on Friday, March 13 at 9 p.m. The new season kicks off with a two hour episode. Eight episodes have been ordered.

The series shows Osbourne and Weidman travel the country, exploring ghost stories and paranormal activity, using scientific technology and calling in specialists to solve each case. In the first episode, the duo travels to Ohio to visit a 150 year old jail site.

"This season is intense," said Weidman. "Jack and I purposefully explore locations that embody the darker side of the paranormal...It's exciting to see what new discoveries we can make in the paranormal field. Yet as we explore the unexplained, we can only presume to know what we're working with. At the end of the day we really don't – and that's the scary part."


Other locations that will be explored this season include:

  • Fort William Henry (Lake George, N.Y)
  • Croke-Patterson Mansion (Denver, Colo.)
  • Ohio State Reformatory (Mansfield, Ohio)
  • Thomas House Hotel (Red Boiling Springs, Tenn.)
  • Iron Island Museum (Buffalo, N.Y)
  • Haunted Hill House (Mineral Wells, Texas)
  • Shanghai Tunnels (Portland, Ore.)

"We have unprecedented access to a number of locations and are also the first team to ever investigate some of them for TV. They're incredibly active sites for the paranormal, and we're going all in to try and capture substantial evidence," said Osbourne.