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Pollcast Acquired By Intelemedia, LeadCircle

Pollcast, a company that generates leads for clients by producing in-show campaigns that drive viewers to call a toll-free number, has been acquired by Intelemedia and LeadCircle.

Pollcast adds interactive segments to shows produced by NBCUniversal, CBS and FremantleMedia. When viewers call in to participate in a poll or to win a prize on such shows as The Price Is Right, they are asked questions to see if they are interested in certain products. If they are, their number is given to marketers of those products.

With the reach of TV, Pollcast is able to generate a large number of leads for its clients.

Financial terms were not disclosed.

“We are extremely excited to join forces with LeadCircle and bring to market a new Pollcast management team  committed to providing our entertainment partners with the utmost in value for their time investment and to our marketing/advertising clients high volume pre-qualified leads that cannot possibly be matched by any other lead generation source,” said Intelemedia CEO David Schreck.

Intelemedia and LeadCircle are in the lead generation, direct response and media promotion business and will operate Pollcast as a joint venture with new management. The new management will be headed by Schreck, LeadCircle president Sean Driscoll, Pollcast general manager Don Moffet and LeadCircle head of creative services Molly Driscoll.

“Together with Intelemedia, we are positioning Pollcast to become the industry’s foremost source for quality leads.  Working in tandem with our outstanding media partners, Pollcast’s proprietary technologies, professional staff and platform operations are delivering in excess of a quarter-million calls each week,” said Driscoll.

Under its new ownership, Pollcast plans to expand by forming relationships with additional broadcast networks, cable services and production companies. The company also plans to launch a dedicated radio division that will work with terrestrial networks and major market stations as well as satellite-delivered services and syndication companies.