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PEJ News Index: Libya Tops National News Coverage

Libya was the top news
story last week in terms of major nation media coverage, and by a wide margin,
overtaking the nuclear aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.
But the biggest domestic story was not the economy or a potential budget battle
on the Hill but the death of iconic actress Elizabeth Taylor.

Libya occupied 47% of
the news hole of those major outlets compared to only 15% for Japan, the
reverse of the week before, when Japan had a 57% share and Libya only 17%.
Taylors' death was the third biggest story at 7%, topping the economy at 6% and
sleeping air traffic controllers at Reagan National Airport in Washington at

That is according to the
latest Project For Excellence in Journalism News Coverage Index for March

The index looks at
stores from 52 national news outlets in online, network TV, cable, radio and