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PBS Winning Web-Ratings Race now claims a larger share of Web-site traffic than any of the commercial broadcast-network sites. That's according to online-traffic monitor Hitwise.

For the most recent week (ending June 21), claimed 24.23% of the visits, compared with No. 2 ABC's 19.35%. NBC was third with 17.85%, followed by CBS with 17.69% and Fox with 17.32%.

That marks the fourth week in a row PBS has ranked No. 1. It finished the regular season in the No. 3 slot behind ABC and NBC, averaging 18.87% of the traffic. By contrast, ABC slipped from its 22.05% average to 19.35% in the most recent tally, while NBC is down from a 21.95% season average to 17.85%.

PBS attributed its improving fortunes to the addition of hundreds of hours of video and efforts to improve search-engine optimization.