PBS' 'Nova' Applies Pixeldust to Genetics

Pixeldust Studios has produced around eight minutes of original animation sequences that will be used in a one-hour episode of PBS's Nova series called "Cracking Your Genetic Code" that will air on March 28.

The PBS special will explore the medical benefits of the genetic revolution and some of the ethical questions raised by these new technologies. To help tell that story, Pixeldust created animated sequences showing the science behind genes, chromosomes and DNA as well as how certain medications and drugs work in the human body.

"Pixeldust did an amazing job coming up with creative ways to visualize the human genome," noted Sarah Holt, producer for Nova/PBS & Holt Productions in a statement. "Their animators skillfully took the audience inside a human cell, past human chromosomes, and into DNA that is coiled inside the nucleus. The animation was sophisticated and artistically gorgeous to look at, but also helped the audience grasp difficult concepts in genomics [while laboring]...to ensure the accuracy of the scientific details."

Ricardo Andrade, founder and executive creative director at Pixeldust added in a statement that they used "warm colors" to give the "work a more organic look." The studio also consulted with a noted cell biologist to ensure the scientific accuracy of the images.