PBS Launches 5-Year Kids Plan

PBS has taken the wraps off of an ambitious five-year initiative, PBS Kids Next Generation Media, that lays out a broad canvas of programming including a "mutli-platform" content plan for pre-schoolers. Previously, PBS had announced plans for a new, separate, multicast channel for elementary school kids, to be called PBS Kids Go!, which will debut in 2006. Starting in January, PBS will reevaluate its children's schedule with an eye toward grouping shows aimed for toddlers, preschoolers and early elementary school. In fall 2006, the pubcaster will launch a multi-platform programming lineup for preschoolers with its own live host. PBS Kids Go will follow in the fall, growing out of the network's existing kids block that goes by that name. PBS will also debut three new shows, It's A Big, Big World,  for preschoolers;  Curious George, centering on engineering and math concepts, for preschoolers; and Fetch!, premiering in June and aimed at elementary school kids interested in science and learning about the outdoors. PBS will also expand its Web site, with. Lesli Rotenberg, SVP for PBS brand management, leading the cross-divisional effort.