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Pay-TV Sub Shrinkage Accelerates For Nov.

Note: Nielsen has removed the data this report was based on because of a "ptential issue" that might affect the accuracy of its Cable Universe Estimates for November. That means the numbers in this articlle might not be correctl

Here is Nielsen's statement:

“Nielsen has become aware of a potential issue regarding the November 2016 Cable Universe Estimates. We take the accuracy of our data very seriously and are conducting a thorough analysis to determine the veracity of this potential issue as well as any impact it may have on clients. As such, for the time being we have removed the November 2016 Cable Universe Estimates file from the Answers portal. We will make sure to alert and update clients during this internal review process.

The number of pay-TV homes dropped 3.2%, according to the estimates for November released by Nielsen Friday,

According to analyst Brian Wieser of Pivotal Research, that was the biggest dip in more than two years.

ESPN, the most closely watched cable network, saw its subs fall by more than 3%, more than the prior month.

Nielsen reported a 1.5% decline, but had earlier reported a 1.7% increase rating in all TV households for this TV season.

The median individual cable network’s penetration fell by 1.4%

“The gap between the decline in pay TV subscribers and median cable network penetration rates has generally improved in recent months, suggesting that cord-shaving among conventional MVPD services may be abating,” Weiser said Of course, if the gap between TV household penetration rates and pay TV penetration rates – which is widening slightly – is driven by growth in virtual MVPDs, then growth in cord-shaving may still be occurring in this form.”

Networks owned by Time Warner fell by a media of 2.2% in subscribers.  21st Century Fox’s network actually gained subscribers, with a median increase of 0.9%, according to Wiesers.

The biggest decline were by Viacom’s CMT, down 8.6% and Spikke, down 6.5%.

Walt Disney Co.’s ESPN was down 34.1% and ESPN2 was down 3%

Big gainers include Discovery’s Velocity, up 9.5% and Fox’s FXM, up 7.6%.

Among 199 measured networks, 37 had subscriber gains, according to Wieser.