Passion, Volume, Drive Mexican Soccer #HispanicTV

New York -- Soccer fans south of the border have made La Liga MX matches the most-watched on Spanish-language television for two reasons: their passion for the game and for the enthusiasm of their announcers, according to a panel at the Hispanic Television Summit here.

With 18 teams and two 17-week seasons, fans of La Liga have a lot of programming to choose from, said Azteca president of US operations and president of Grupo Salinas Sports, Gustavo Guzman. But he said that even U.S. Hispanics who don’t speak the language watch Azteca soccer broadcasts for the enthusiasm of play-by-play announcers, whose signature shouts of “GOOOALL!” after a player scores have become a staple of YouTube and social media sites.

“Many U.S. Hispanics that don’t understand the language are watching the games in Spanish because of the noise,” Guzman said.

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