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‘Outrageous Acts of Science’ Back on Science Channel Feb. 28

Science Channel series Outrageous Acts of Science starts a new season February 28. The sixth season will feature a man pulling a car with his eye sockets, a dive to the bottom of the world’s deepest pool, a homemade tank and a skydive from a drone.

Each episode of Outrageous Acts of Science counts down the zaniest videos from 20 to 1. A team of experts shares the science behind the stunts and experiments. That includes astrophysicist Hakeem Oluseyi, physicist Debbie Berebichez and inventor Eric Gradman.

Outrageous Acts of Science is produced for Science Channel by October Films. For October Films, Gareth Cornick and Denman Rooke are executive producers. For Science Channel, Kyle McCabe is executive producer.

Science Channel is part of Discovery Communications.