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Olympic Games Delivered 18.7B TV Ad Impressions

The Rio Olympic Games on NBCUniversal delivered 18.7 billion TV ad impressions for 420 brands, according to data from

NBCU said it had about $1.2 billion in ad sales, and estimates that about $200 million of that came from automakers, with insurance companies, movie studios, quick service restaurants and credit card companies each contributing about $50 million in spending.

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Among the biggest spending brands were GEICO, with an estimated $45.4 million, Chevrolet at $40.9 million, Samsung Mobile at $37.7 million, BMW at $37.6 million and Visa at $32.4 million.

In terms of impressions, NBC’s TV networks and programs had the most impressions, with 2.542 billion impressions. That was followed by the automakers, insurance companies, movie studios and banks and credit cards.

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Ads by the insurance companies drew the most online reactions, accumulating a 13.5% share of voice. Apparel makers, including Nike, were next followed by electronics including mobile devices.

The single ad drawing the most response was UnitedHealthcare's “Pool Vault” ad, showing a man using a skimmer to try to jump over a swimming pool while his wife looks up urgent care centers.