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NYC TV Week: More Standardization Needed in Ad Buys

New York -- Advanced Advertising panel “We Guarantee It” looked at the relationship between ad buyers and sellers, and how that relationship evolves as advertising science gets more precise. Howard Shimmel, president of Janus Strategy & Insights, moderated.

Julian Zilberbrand, executive VP of advanced media at Viacom, spoke of getting more consistency between buyers and sellers and their deals. “Clients look at outcomes to drive optimization,” he said.

Kevin Krim, CEO of EDO, spoke of an automotive company that spent big on a new release, and the cars did not sell. The issue was, the autos did not make it to the lot in time to be purchased. “We’ve really got to be careful about the right level of measurement if you’re thinking about guarantees,” said Krim.

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The panelists discussed the changing currency of ad sales and creating a uniform way for all players to look at ad performance, and the split between linear and digital buys. “The strength of linear is just not pushing lower-funnel activity,” said Shawn Ryan, senior sales executive at IHS Markit.

Helen Katz, senior VP of global contracts and data partnerships, Publicis Spine, spoke of the “challenge of definitions” in this world. “How we are defining the target audience needs to be standardized,” she suggested.

The panelists said such definitions will come over time. Brad Smith, senior VP of revenue & operations at Videa, mentioned the “trial and error of parties coming together and saying, what works for us and what doesn’t.”

Shimmel pushed the panelists to share what they see in advertising a year out. Krim mentioned “the continued bifurcation of live versus not live. That’s the big split.”

The panelists spoke of another year of assembling benchmarks in helping them set new standards in ad measurement. Katz said that may not be enough. “The consumers will be three steps ahead,” she said. “We’ll have to catch up with them again.”