No More 'Dirty Jobs' for Mike Rowe

Another long-running reality series on Discovery Channel has
come to the end of its run, as Mike Rowe is now looking for a new job.

The host of Dirty Jobs wrote on his blog that the
show, which ran for eight seasons, has reached the end of its original

"Whenever Dirty Jobs goes off the air for a few
months, people start to wonder if the show has been canceled. Rumors begin to
swirl, and questions about the show's future fill my inbox," Rowe wrote on his
blog. "Over the years it's been my pleasure to assure anxious fans that Dirty
is coming back for another season. And indeed, we always have. Alas,
this year, I'm afraid I cannot dispel the rumors. A few weeks ago, I was
officially informed that Dirty Jobs had entered into a new phase. One I
like to call, 'permanent hiatus.' Or in the more popular industry vernacular,

As such, Discovery has pulled the plug on what have been two
of its signature shows over the past decade, with Dirty Jobs joining American
, which revved for 10 seasons
, on the sidelines.