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Nielsen Ranks P&G as Top Spending Advertiser

P&G brands
P&G brands (Image credit: P&G)

Procter & Gamble was the No. 1 national television advertiser in October, according to a new list published by Nielsen.

Nielsen is adding an advertising category to the Top 10 lists it publishes. The data comes from Nielsen’s Ad Intel product.

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P&G spent $164.4 million to generate 33.6 billion impressions, according to Nielsen. P&G was also the top spender in Spanish, allocating $23.9 million to get 2.3 billion impressions.

The top spender in Local TV was the Joe Biden for president campaign, which bought $83.2 million worth of commercials and got 4.1 billion impressions.

The top spender in Spanish-language local TV was Charter Communications at $8.6 million, which bought it 276.3 million impression. The Biden campaign was No. 2, at $6.6 million.

Nielsen said that over time it would be adding more categories to its ad spend section.

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