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Nielsen Offers Cultural Insights With Translation

(Image credit: Nielsen)

Nielsen has hooked up with Steve Stoute’s Translation Enterprises to offer clients insights on how their products and messages resonate in popular culture.

Translation Enterprises helps hundreds of thousands of musical artists connect with millions of fans through its UnitedMasters platforms. It graphs those interactions and tracks trends. Working with Nielsen, it will help marketers reach those audiences at scale.

The data will be distributed on Nielsen’s measurement and campaign planning products.

“Now more than ever brands need to understand the people and things that are driving culture and message accordingly,” said Steve Stoute, founder & CEO, Translation Enterprises, which also has a creative agency called Translation. “This relationship brings together Translation’s deep understanding of the culture with Nielsen’s media products. Together we’ll provide brands a whole new way to connect with the audiences they are trying to reach.” 

Nielsen will make Cultural Influencers audience segments available to help marketers. Nielsen plans to leverage Translation’s cultural insights to develop a product that will enable marketers to measure how effectively a brand campaign resonates with cultural influencers and enables brands to adjust their campaign messaging accordingly.

“Access to pop culture is a powerful lever that will give any brand the competitive edge,” stated Matt Krepsik, global Head of analytics at Nielsen. “By incorporating Translation Enterprise’s cultural intelligence into Nielsen’s media products, we are giving marketers exclusive access to these hard to reach tastemakers that represent where pop culture is heading.”