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Nielsen: Number of TV Households Up By 400,000

Nielsen says the number of TV households has increased by 400,000 to 114.9 million, the smallest increase in the last decade.

Nielsen announced the bump as it prepares to start rating the new TV season for 2090-2010.

Nielsen said that the top 10 markets remain relatively the same. But there was some shuffling in the top 10. Seattle moved up from 14 to 13 and Denver from 18 to 16, with Tampa, Miami and Cleveland each dropping down one spot.

The Florida markets were two of four top 100 markets that declined due to what Nielsen called "domestic migration."

New Orleans had the biggest percentage increase, 5.2%, and moved up from 53 to 51 as residents continued to return after their flight from Hurricane Katrina.

New York added the most homes (59,710), and Waco made the biggest jump in rank, from 94 to 89.