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Nielsen Media Impact Adds Scarborough Segments

Nielsen said it has incorporated advanced audience segments from its Nielsen Scarborough unit into its Nielsen Media Impact media planning and optimization product.

The move lets planners and buyers target advertising based on audience segments defined by brand preferences, retail insights, buying behaviors and consumer lifestyles based on surveys conducted by Nielsen Scarborough.

“Media buyers and sellers are trying to be as efficient and creative as possible when it comes to planning and optimizing marketing campaigns,” said Jay Nielsen, senior VP, product leadership, Nielsen. “The addition of Scarborough’s advanced audience segments into our national version of Nielsen Media Impact enables greater levels of precision to buyers and sellers looking to plan and execute more efficient media transactions against the consumer they care most about."

Nielsen Media Impact includes insights into historical media behavior, predictive analytics from its planning module to understand the future impact of media and a target analyzer to understand and further dimensionalize your target audience. It uses viewing information from Nielsen Total Media Fusion national dataset, which includes TV, subscription video on demand, video on demand, TV connected devices, radio, digital magazine, cinema and digital place-based media.

“To enable effective cross-media planning, you need robust solutions that provide insights on consumers’ media preferences, attitudes and behaviors,” said Anne Deo, head of analytics at the Ad Council. “The integration of Scarborough’s vast qualitative dataset into Nielsen Media Impact will add thousands of advanced segments we can utilize to optimize planning across our 40 public service campaigns. Being able to successfully reach our audiences, both effectively and efficiently, is vital to our ability to shift key societal attitudes and behaviors and, ultimately, create social change.”