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Nielsen Finds Smart TVs, Streaming Devices Prevalent

A new analysis by Nielsen found that nearly 29% of U.S. homes have smart TVs and 23% of U.S. TV homes own a streaming device.

Combined with 80% of households having broadband internet, a large number of consumers are streaming video content and cutting the cord with traditional pay-TV distributors.

“The penetration of these devices is increasing as is the time spent using them. This combination is having a meaningful impact on how people view and engage with content on the TV set, and consequently is changing the ways in which media companies provide services,” Nielsen said.

Nielsen says the amount of time people are spending with connected TV is increasing. It found that 21 million homes used a connected device an average of 15 days a month. On the days those devices are used, they spend more than 3½ hours watching.

Smart TVs are being used 20 days per month, with more than 2 hours of usage per day.

The most popular streaming devices were Roku and Apple TV, followed by Amazon Fire TV and Chromecast. Almost 11% of homes have streaming players from other brands or PCs, tablets or smartphones connected to their sets.