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Nielsen Catalina Agrees to Use FourthWall Data

Nielsen Catalina Solutions said it agreed to use FourthWall Media’s cable set-top-box TV viewing data to provide consumer packaged goods marketers with more granular insights about the effectiveness of their advertising campaign.

“We continue to invest in methodologies, new solutions and collaborate with innovative companies like FourthWall to improve the benefits of our offerings. The alliance with FourthWall provides better reliability, stability and predictability to our clients,” Mike Nazzaro, CEO of Nielsen Catalina Solutions, said in a statement.

Nielsen Catalina uses data from Nielsen’s TV ratings panel and shopper information from 70 million households. FourthWall brings TV viewing data from 1.4 million more TV households to create greater precision, the companies said.

“Being able to anonymously match set-top viewing data in a privacy-compliant fashion, with various disparate datasets to reach marketers’ key audience segments, is changing how advertisers plan and buy television media,” said Bill Feininger, president of FourthWall Media’s MassiveData division. “We have been helping politicians find, with great precision, likely voters segmented by which issues are important to them.  Now our viewership data and patent-pending matching technology is being used by product marketers to zero in on specific audience segments."