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Nick Teams Up with Time to Award ‘Kid of the Year’

Nickelodeon and Time are teaming up to create a Kid of the Year multi-media award program that will span broadcast, cable and publishing.

The initiative will include a TV special that will be simulcast on Nick and the CBS Television Network. Nick and CBS are both part of ViacomCBS.

The hour-long special will be hosted by Trevor Noah of the Daily Show on Comedy Central, another ViacomCBS property.

“Kids drive the cultural narrative in so many ways, and we at Nickelodeon are honored to partner with Time and Time For Kids for our first-ever Kid of the Year, an event that celebrates influential kids making a huge impact in their schools, communities and the world,” said Rob Bagshaw, executive VP, unscripted content at Nickelodeon. “Led by the multitalented Trevor Noah, this special will showcase real kids’ achievements in a fun, unique way, and we are thrilled to extend its reach significantly further by simulcasting it on CBS, which is the most watched broadcast network.”

The first special will look at five kids making a positive impact on their communities, one of whom will become Kid of The Year. The winner will be featured in stories in Time and Time for Kids. They will also have opportunities to be reporters for Time for Kids and get access to Nickelodeon events throughout the year.

Time is well known for its annual Man of the Year, a feature that started in 1927. This year’s Person of the Year was Greta Thunberg, the young climate change activist.

“Each and every day, kids around the world are inspiring, entertaining and positively impacting their communities,” said Ian Orefice, president of Time Studios. “Their accomplishments remind us that the seemingly impossible may very well be possible. At TIME and TIME For Kids, we are committed to highlighting those that create positive change and we couldn’t be more thrilled to partner with Nickelodeon and Trevor Noah on Kid of the Year, celebrating these remarkable kids and their stories.”

Nickelodeon’s Kid of the Year is a co-production of TIME Studios, Day Zero Productions, Mainstay Entertainment and Nickelodeon. Executive Producers include Andrea Delbanco (Time For Kids), Ian Orefice and Mike Beck (Time Studios), Trevor Noah and Haroon Saleem (Day Zero Productions), Norm Aladjem, Derek Van Pelt and Sanaz Yamin (Mainstay Entertainment) and Rob Bagshaw and Paul J. Medford (Nickelodeon). Production of Nickelodeon’s Kid of the Year is overseen by Rob Bagshaw, executive VP, unscripted content.

“As a former kid, I’m looking forward to being part of Nickelodeon and Time’s Kid of the Year special, which celebrates everything that makes young people amazing and gives them a platform to have their voices heard," said Noah. "Today’s kids want to actively make the world a better place and we should do everything we can to help. That’s the goal of this show. So, let’s take those first steps on the path to positive change together and shine a light on the good.”