Next TV: Vubiquity's Antonellis Says Speed Is Key

New York--New Vubiquity CEO Darcy Antonellis, straddling the line of a company that functions as a content aggregator and one that provides technical services and support for distributors, has 2014 goals for both sides of the house rooted in at least one commonality: quickness.

Whether on the content licensing path or on the product/service side, Antonellis, speaking at NewBay Media's Next TV Summit on March 19, said the most important consideration is "speed, the time to market, the ability to test...The singular focus in on time to market and access."

Antonellis -- who joined Vubiquity on Jan. 2 from Warner Bros. Entertainment, where she served as president of technical operations and CTO and previously held executive roles in TV production and distribution at Fox Television and CBS -- said the company has an eye on furthering its position abroad, where it is the largest on-demand provider in 38 countries.

"There is dramatic expansion in different parts of the world," she said with Vubiquity, also backstopping other networks that support those content services.

Back in the States, Antonellis, who has three technical Emmys on her mantle, is buoyed by the engine that drives Vubiquity's various positions in the industry: TV consumption grew two hours per month, according to a study it commissioned with Frank N. Magid Associates. "That's great news," she said.

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