Next TV: On The Horizon — Out-Of-Home Auto-Authentication

Los Angeles -- Although user authentication continues to be one of the tallest hurdles faced by TV Everywhere services, an evolution is underway that will eventually make that process automatic not just inside the subscriber’s home, but also when that customer is on the go.  

That was one of the predictions made here at the Next TV Summit by Michael Bishara, the senior vice president of product at Synacor, a company that specializes in TVE authentication technology and customized customer portals.  

Auto-authentication is already happening on a limited basis in the home, whereby consumers who pair their apps to MSO-supplied cable modems and gateways can sidestep the manual credential process and automatically fire up TV Everywhere content. In those instances, access to that programming is akin to accessing it via a traditional set-top box, because it’s transparent to the consumer while also providing the kind of instant gratification they get from their baseline subscription video services. 

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