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News Nets Send Reporters To Japan

Updated: Mar. 12, 9:50 a.m. ET

In the wake of the earthquake and tsunami that rocked Japan,
television news organizations are dispatching teams of correspondents to report
from the region.

NBC News has four anchors/correspondents en route to Japan:
Ann Curry, Lester Holt, Lee Cowan and Ian Williams. Friday's NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams will have reports from CNBC's and NBC News' Tokyo bureau

CNN's Tokyo-correspondent Kyung Lah has been covering the story since it broke, joined by Seoul correspondent Paula Hancocks. Other correspondents heading to Japan are Anderson Cooper, Soledad O'Brien, Sanjay Gupta, Gary Tuchman, Martin Savidge, Anna Coren, Fernando del Rincon and Steve Kastenbaum.

ABC News is sending This
anchor Christiane Amanpour, World
anchor David Muir and correspondent Clarissa Ward to Japan to report
on the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami.

Amanpour and Muir will each anchor their shows from Japan
this weekend, with Muir also contributing reports to GMA Weekend. The three join ABC News' Tokyo-based digital
journalist Akiko Fujita, who has been reporting from the region.

Friday night editions of World
and 20/20 will have special
"Disaster in the Pacific" coverage, followed by Nightline with co-anchor Bill Weir reporting from Santa Monica,
Calif., on eyewitness accounts from Japan and the tsunami warning on the west