NewBay Kicks Off Political Ad Spending Webinars

The midterm election cycle is heating up and so too are the dollars being spent behind these campaigns. In fact, there has been a trebling in the amount of political ad spending and six times the number of commercials have aired so far than during the 2010 campaign.

NewBay Media will examine these and other trends shaping the midterm election landscape via its “Political Webinar Series: Midterm Elections” under its TVBiz banner. The first takes place on Wednesday, June 25 at 2 p.m. (ET) under “The Money Keeps Rolling In” heading.

Moderated by B&C contributing editor Jill Goldsmith, The Money Keeps Rolling In event establishes who is spending what and the organizations that are changing the game in political advertising. Participants can also learn strategies to react quickly to fast-moving campaigns, where ad money moves in, moves out and is often repurposed at lightning speed. The event will also assess the spending patterns and flow of key races so far and takeaways for the rest of the midterm cycle and cast an eye toward the 2016 Presidential election.

Joining Goldsmith in the discussion are Chris Wilson, president national television at Rentrak; Harvey Ellenberger, vice president of analytics for Kantar Media Ad; Lee Goodman, chairman of the Federal Election Commission; Liz Oxhorn, vice president of GMMB; and Russ Choma, reporter for the OpenSecrets/Center for Responsive Politics.

Subsequent Webinars in the series – entitled “The March of Online” and “Who’s Watching” – are slated for Thursday, July 17 and Thursday, Aug. 7, respectively.

Learn more about the Political Webinar Series: Midterm Elections, presented by B&C and Multichannel News, and attendant archival information here.