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New Syndie Shows Suffer Sluggish Start

The first new batch of syndicated series had a tough start this week, debuting with underwhelming metered-market numbers. Court shows outperformed talk shows in holding lead-in and year-ago ratings.

Telepictures’ Keith Ablow earned a four-day average of a 1.0 rating/3 share, down 23% from its lead-in and September 2005 averages of 1.3/4. It tracked up during the week from a 0.9/3 on Monday to a 1.1/3 on Thursday, its strength coming in smaller markets. The show was unable to break a 1 rating in any of the top-three and reached a 1 in only one of the top-10.

Sony’s Greg Behrendt had a Tuesday-Thursday primary run average of 0.8/3, down 33% from its lead-in and year-ago average of 1.2/4. It held its share all week and reached a 1.0/3 in only one top-10 market, at 2 p.m. on WDAF in seventh-ranked Dallas.

Twentieth TV’s Christina’s Court pulled a primary run 1.2/4 over four days, even with its lead-in and year-ago time period marks. It began the week with a 1.0/3 but earned a 1.2/4 on two of the four days. The only top-10 market where it broke a 1 was at 1 p.m. on WFLD in No.3 Chicago.

Sony’s Judge Maria Lopez garnered a four-day average of 0.9/3, even with lead in and up 13% from a 0.8/2 last September. Its numbers were consistent Monday-Thursday, exceeding a 1 rating in four of the top-five markets and hitting a 2.0/8 at 1 p.m. on WSBK Boston.

Twentieth TV finally started seeing results with Geraldo at Large, attracting its highest ratings since July as it transitioned from a slow roll out to national series. Airing in late fringe in 23 of 41 metered markets, it typically declined 21% Monday-Thursday from its lead in of 2.8/6 but rose 5% from the year-ago number of 2.1/5.

The two new off-net entrants, Twentieth’s Still Standing and CBS Paramount’s One on One, each debuted well below a 1 rating.