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New Season of ‘Murder For Hire’ On Oxygen Oct. 5

A new season of Murder For Hire premieres on Oxygen Oct. 5. Dick Wolf executive produces the show, about the world of contract killings.

Murder for Hire gives a shocking look into the dark world of contract killings, showcasing some of the most fascinating murder for hire cases ever caught on tape that include devious spouses and jealous relatives who attempt to destroy the lives of the people closest to them,” said Oxygen, which notes that more “hired hits” are happening these days. “The show explores in rare, never-before-seen footage, how a seemingly good relationship can go wrong and the emotions surrounding the reveal when an intended victim discovers a hit has been taken on their life.”

The premiere looks at Dalia Dippolito, a 26-year-old escort who was charged with planning the murder of her husband.

Murder For Hire is produced by Wolf Entertainment, Shed Media and Green Lakes Production. Dick Wolf, Tom Thayer, Pam Healey, Dan Peirson and Adam Kassen are the executive producers.

Oxygen is part of NBCUniversal.