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New Season of ‘Expedition Unknown’ on Discovery Aug. 7

Adventurer Josh Gates hosts the new season of Expedition Unknown on Discovery Channel. The season begins Aug. 7. Gates is “headed to the farthest reaches of the earth to explore legends that have remained unsolved for centuries,” said Discovery. “From an epic adventure in the Middle East in search of new Dead Sea Scrolls to a two-part mission into the remote mountains of Siberia in the dead of winter, Gates will need every bit of his daring spirit -- and signature sense of humor -- as he takes viewers on thrilling adventures in search of answers to the world’s greatest mysteries.

Before that, Gates kicks off Discovery’s Shark Week with Expedition Unknown: Megalodon July 28.

In the new season, Gates braves sub-zero temperatures as he snowmobiles across the Siberian Tundra investigating the deaths of nine hikers on Russia’s Dead Mountain. He also takes on the scorching heat of the Negev Desert as he descends into newly discovered caves and tunnels that could hold the next Dead Sea Scrolls. In addition, Gates searches for Sir Frances Drake’s lost fortune and explains the Chupacabra.

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Expedition Unknown premiered on Travel Channel in 2015.

Ping Pong Productions produces the show. Executive producers are Brad Kuhlman, Casey Brumels and Josh Gates. For Discovery Channel, Michael Gara is executive producer.