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New Season of ‘Narcos’ Rolls on Netflix

Season two of Narcos is available on Netflix, with 10 more episodes focused on the cocaine trade in Colombia and its effect around the world. Season one, released just over a year ago, was a buzzy hit for the streaming service.

Speaking at the TCA press tour in July, executive producer Jose Padilha stressed that the series is not about the notorious kingpin Pablo Escobar per se. “The show is about cocaine and drug dealers who deal cocaine,” he said.

Eric Newman, another executive producer, quipped that the series would stop when cocaine trafficking ceases. “There’s a reason why we call the show Narcos and not Pablo Escobar,” he said. “There are other drug dealers and alliances that are formed against Pablo. There are a multitude of stories we can tackle.”

Wagner Moura, who plays Escobar, promised a “very vulnerable Pablo Escobar” in the new season.

Netflix and Univision struck a unique deal bringing Narcos and Netflix’sClub de Cuervosto the Spanish-language broadcaster.