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New comScore Exec Got $875,000 Signing Bonus

Money-losing measurement company comScore agreed to pay a $875,000 signing bonus to Sarah Hofstetter, who is joining comScore as president effective Oct. 4.

According to documents filed with the Securities & Exchange Commission, Hofstetter will receive an annual base salary of at least $450,000 under a three-year deal.

As part of the company’s compensation program she will be eligible to get annual incentive awards equal to 75% of her base salary. For 2018, she will be eligible for a one-time discretionary bonus with a guarantee of $850,000.

Hofestter will also participate in a long-term equity incentive program with an annual target opportunity of at least $2 million.

In the second quarter, comScore reported that its losses had widened to $56 million

The losses followed three years in which the company was focused on a re-audit required after accounting issues were found in its financial statements. During that period, comScore spent millions on the re-audit and to settle litigation.

It was unable to release earnings information, was delisted from the NASDAQ stock exchange, key executives departed and there were delays in releasing new products that might have helped it compete with Nielsen, which dominates the measurement business.