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Networks Prepare for Hurricane Sandy

The East Coast is bracing for the arrival of Hurricane
Sandy, expected to hit next Monday or Tuesday, and the networks are making
plans to cover what could be a devastating storm of three different systems. Following is a summary of the plans already announced by select networks; more info will be added as it is announced.

The Weather Channel will of course have a large presence,
with Stephanie Abrams and Al Roker in Rehobeth, Del., and Julie Martin in the
Outer Banks on Saturday morning. On Saturday afternoon, Jim Cantore will be in
New York City, Mike Seidel in New Jersey and Reynolds Wolf in New York City or
Long Island. Eric Fisher will be stationed in a location to be determined on

On ABC, Sam Champion will report for World News from Miami and Ginger Zee from Daytona Beach with
Lindsey Davis in New Jersey to cover storm preparations. Matt Gutman will be in
the Outer Banks of the Carolinas.

Chad Meyers and Rob Marciano are tracking the storm
in-studio for CNN, with Marciano heading into location over the weekend.
Various correspondents on location will include: Sanjay Gupta, Carol Costello,
Michael Holmes, Alison Kosick, Deb Feyerick, David mattingly, Athena Jones,
Sandra Endo, George Howell and Mike Galanos for HLN.