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Network Newscasts Prep Libya Coverage

As fighting in Libya intensified over the weekend as rebels
attempt to overthrow the 42-year rule of Moammar Gadhafi, the network evening
newscasts are turning their attention to the developing story Monday night.

ABC News correspondent Jeffrey Kofman is covering the
developing story from Tripoli and will report for all broadcasts,
including ABC World News. The BBC's
Matthew Price will also report from Tripoli as part of ABC News' international
partnership with the BBC.

On the CBS Evening
, correspondent Barry Peterson and Sky News reporter Alex Crawford will
report from Tripoli with Mark Phillips reporting from London. Wyatt Andrews
will also be reporting from Martha's Vineyard on how President Obama reacts to
the events. CBS News also notes that if Gadhafi should be captured or killed,
they will go live with Scott Pelley anchoring a special report from New York.

NBC News Chief Foreign Correspondent Richard Engel, who has
been in Libya for several days, will report live from Tripoli for Nightly News in addition to hits on
MSNBC throughout the day Monday. Andrea Mitchell, Jim Maceda and Jim Miklaszewski will also contribute perspective and analysis to Monday's Nightly News.