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Netflix Outlines Kids Slate

Netflix has a half dozen original kids shows in the works, including Lego Elves, which features a group of humans and elves teaming up to protect their worlds from a wicked goblin king in a magical yet dangerous forest. That comes out in 2017.

Other series are TheHollow, Kibaoh Klashers, Robozuna, Treehouse Detectives and Super Monsters.

Viewers root for a car-racing beetle in Kibaoh Klashers, which comes out in 2017, while 2018’s Robozuna centers on a teenage boy and his homemade robot taking down an evil empire.

In The Hollow, which premieres in 2018, strangers-turned-friends scavenge through a surreal mystery world as they desperately search for a way back home.

For pre-schoolers, 2018’s Treehouse Detectives has viewers solve nature’s mysteries alongside a curious duo of brother-sister bear investigators, while Super Monsters features a kindergarten class of playful young monsters who are learning to master their super powers. The latter comes out in 2017.

“At Netflix, we celebrate creativity and love sharing stories that expose kids to new and inspiring worlds,” said Andy Yeatman, director of global kids content for Netflix. “We work with the best storytellers in the industry to craft shows like these that unlock children’s imaginations.”