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NBCU Turns Green for Earth Week

If you're watching any of NBCUniversal's networks next week,
there's a good chance you'll be seeing some environmentally themed content.

As it has done in years past, the company has signed more
than 50 of its on-air and online properties to address environmental issues in
their programming in support of its fifth annual Earth Week, April 15-22.

Five new shows are participating this year - USA's In Plain Sight will have Mary's
ex-husband Mark hired for work installing solar panels, Oxygen's Best Ink will have its tattoo artists
compete on a sustainable agriculture farm, The Weather Channel will premiere
the series Turbine Cowboys about
people who work on wind turbines, Sprout's new series Justin Time will p on Earth Day to promote conservationism among
preschoolers and Style's Big Rich Texas
will also feature a green-themed episode.

Other NBCU properties including Today, The Real Housewives of
Orange County
, NBC Nightly News, Access Hollywood and E! News, among many others, will also
program green-themed content throughout the week.